Sasha does rustic camping

8/6/2017, though I’m just now posting it. *shrug*

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So I went rustic camping this weekend with two dear friends. These ladies were all set for a weekend of lake time, campfires and watching me be terrified. I’m gonna drop some knowledge about Sasha for you, just in case you haven’t met me.
I. Am. A. City. Girl.
Born and raised in Detroit.  I have acrylic on my nails. I have “mid-week maintenance” where I touch up my nails and do a facial every Wednesday. I have at least 100 bottles of nail polish and an equal amount of lipstick. I don’t ever really get dirty, per se.  This doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy nature. I actually found a love for hiking when I was in Puerto Rico and look forward to future hikes in the woods with my dog. Before this trip, however, I had never slept outside. I had never slept in a tent. I had never built a fire to cook food.  Buuuuut this is my year of yes, so when my girls asked me for the 900th time if I would go camping, I said yes.  After they picked their mouths up off the floor, we began making plans and two weeks later set out Lake Nettie on a beautiful Friday
afternoon in August.  Here’s what I learned:

Northern Michigan, away from the resort towns by the lakes, is an interesting place. The first time I questioned my decision to go was when we stopped for gas and the road was dotted with confederate flags.  Now, I’ve been going up north for years but we generally want lake time so we stick to the large lakes…tourist places. In those areas, I’m not…upsetting.  They might look at me a little surprised, but nobody really cares. I can’t say I had any encounters with confederate flag waving Michiganders, but truth be told I just kinda got in and out of gas stations and stores as fast & quietly as possible. I had a family to get back to and I wasn’t going to be confronting some dude in an F-350 super duty with “the south will rise again” plastered on his back window.

Small boats full of gear zipping across a lake are as terrifying as I thought. For the most part I was just frozen in fear while the ladies navigated.  Except for when “Uncle Pete” towed us.  Then I was just kind of praying that we survived this shit.

When it rains, slugs come out by the hundreds looking for a warm dark place. Like your sleeping bag.

Slugs leave an orange residue on whatever they touch. Including skin. If you ever wonder “did a slug sleep on my face last night?” all you gotta do is look for the orange streak. Slugs were not my favorite thing.

There’s such a thing as a leech nest. That’s all I have to say about that.

You can poop & pee ANYWHERE. Even in a hole in the ground partially covered by a tarp.  Sometimes you have to cry a little first but you *can* do it. The #PeePeeTeepee also was not my favorite thing.

Lake people are nice. Like, really really nice. It’s one of the things I love about going up north. I’d like to give a huge shout out to “Uncle Pete” who saved our asses by towing us when our motor failed.  Twice. I owe you a very large meal, sir.

So that’s it folks. I survived 2 nights sleeping under the pine trees. I still can’t believe it. I’m planning on doing it again next year because a few days disconnected from the world really is a beautiful thing.  If you have an adventure to suggest, let me know. If it’s safe and doable, I’ll give it a shot.

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