This one time in Puerto Rico…

It all started with a giant roach in a hotel in Fajardo, PR. Seriously.

I don’t like bugs. I have a friend who does. She thinks they’re interesting. She doesn’t scream when they are in the room. I do. I’m the girl that swats at bees when everyone says be still. Why? Because I’m terrified.  I’m terrified of lots of things. That might not be your initial evaluation of Sasha, but it’s true. There are things that scare the hell out of me. Bugs are one of em.

We spent the whole day in Luquillo at the beach, eating and drinking all the things. Afterwards, we head back to the resort hotel to wash the salt off and get ready for a night of karaoke at the local bar that has a mechanical bull. I’m EXCITED because riding a mechanical bull while drunk in Puerto Rico is a hell of a story, amiright?

I’m in the shower washing my waist long dreads, a little tipsy on rum and I see a roach the size of my hand looking at me like “hola”.  My response to this: “Hm.  That’s a big ass bug.” and I keep showering like this is cool.  I call my roomie in to make her aware of the situation. This was my first mistake. She did not take this well.

An hour later, roomie is nearly catatonic on the bed, I’m slightly damp in a torn sundress & señor roach is dead in a towel being held by a shell shocked facilities guy who is really confused about this whole situation.  Thanks to my extensive knowledge of Spanish curse words, he *did* at least understand that we were scared and I appreciated his bravery.

While this moment was certainly the beginning of the end for my roomie, it was the start of something for me.  During this trip I visited my first national park and hiked through the mountains to a waterfall.  I went snorkeling. I consumed my weight in conch and Don Q Limon.  I do some pretty weird shit sometimes and I’d like to capture that. These adventures are funny, sad, scary and probably worth writing down.   Life is about experiences. I want to live a life with as many of them as I can squeeze in. I decided on the way home from PR, at the encouragement of a few new friends I met there, to begin a year of yes.  I’m going to stop shying away from experiences that scare or challenge me in good ways.  I’m going to start saying yes to little and big things. This blog will be where I document those adventures.  Welcome to SashaDoes.

Here we go…

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